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Cold Laser Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

As a chiropractor practicing in San Jose, I typically use cold laser therapy to treat injuries, low back pain, carpal tunnel, and other similar conditions.  The success I had treating bell’s palsy with cold laser therapy was so phenomenal that I had to share it, and so that other people with bell’s palsy can know that there is treatment that can help you recover.

Recently I had a patient come to me with bell’s palsy that he had been suffering from for 2 weeks.  His condition was becoming more painful and worse than it had been when it started.  He had complete paralysis of the left side of his face.  We decided to treat his bell’s palsy using the ML830 Cold Laser.  In less than two weeks he had a 90% improvement.  He regained virtually all facial movement and feeling on the left side of his face.  Visually, all signs of his bell’s palsy were gone; “I can smile and look normal again.”

As a doctor who has been using and seeing the benefits of cold laser therapy for several years know, it makes perfect sense that cold laser therapy would be highly beneficial and successful for the treatment of bell’s palsy.  Nerve tissue has the ability to repair itself, but it can be a slow process.  Normally we just let this process play out to “treat” bell’s palsy without any other intervention.  Cold laser therapy speeds up this healing process.

Cold Laser therapy is completely painless and is a quick form of therapy, with treatment time being about 7 minutes per session for bell’s palsy.  The cold laser works in many ways to help with bell’s palsy; it speeds up the metabolism of the cells, increases bloodflow and lymphatic drainage, decreases inflammation, reduces pain, and directly stimulates the nerve tissue itself.  All of this has an effect of significantly decreasing the normal recovery and healing time.

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